Sammitr Europe Brand

Warranty Information

Question Answer
How long is the Warranty on a Sammitr Canopy? Every canopy comes with:

  • 3 YR Warranty on Canopy Structure.
  • 2 YR Warranty on Paint with EDP Coating.
  • 1 YR Warranty on Paint without EDP and,
  • 1 YR On Parts
How do I make a Warranty Request? Please contact the Authorised Reseller that sold you the SMM Product for an initial assessment of the problem. If it is a manufacturing defect and the product is within the warranty period, the Product owner and Dealer can submit a Warranty Claim application form. (PDF Version)
Where can I download the SMM Steel Canopy Warranty Card? You can download the SMM Steel Canopy Warranty Card here. “Warranty Card